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Kodi on Android
Basic kodi requirements  you can check here .

i downloded kodi for android app from other play store .you can work with Nvidia Tegra
I am looking to setup my Pine64 1gb card as a Kodi media center. I have been able to playback my 1080p x264 videos. However I have not been able to find a way to get my x265 1080p media to play back with hardware acceleration. When I play back my x265 media in software decode mode, the playback experience is poor since the CPU is not quite up to the task. Can anyone suggest a specific build of android or Linux, or a fork or Kodi that can let me watch x265 with hardware decode support on the Pine64? Huh 
Android 6.0 and Android 7.1 on Pine64
Hi all. When using the Logitech K400 keyboard and mouse combo in Kodi 17.6 the cursor has become so unstable I cannot use the software. When selecting from the Music Library it is common for the cursor to jump down the list of tracks and start playing something unintended. If I hit the left margin, the Player window opens but it is very hard to select Playlist or use the start/stop buttons. The K400 is a wireless keyboard - not sure if that matters. I will check the battery and see if that makes any difference. Maybe the signal is too weak. I have removed the Pine 64 Wireless Network Module, thinking it may be causing interference - but no luck with this. Both the keyboard and the mouse (the keyboard has touch pad on the right hand side) are causing problems. Restricting myself to the keyboard has not helped. Any ideas on where to look for a solution?

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