3 days in, slow/stuck or no boot.
Very glad to receive Pinebook Pro last Thursday June 27th.
Quite cautious with it- no new OS installs as am new to Pine products and fairly new to Linux.Sunday, June 30, Pinebook pro boots to Manjaro images. After a few hard reboots, Manjaro image, again. Press escape.
Received the message below. Hard re boot again to black screen and no Manjaro image. Unsure how to proceed. Please advise? Apologies if this was discussed previously

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There should be a sticky somewhere for this. The U-Boot that comes with Manjaru will only let you boot Manjaru. So without other acrobatics, the best way to deal with this is to durable the eMMC, boot from your SD card, switch the eMMC back on during boot, and wipe it out (deleting the Manjaru install).

By the way, it's been discussed dozens of times. But I don't fault you; it's hard to find. Which is why we need a sticky to one of the posts that describes this problem and solution in better detail.

[ SRA accepts you ]

Everyone wants me to quit using NetBSD
Just as the msg says, it wants a fsck, likely .... fsck -fy /dev/mmcblk2 ,,,,
run ..... fdisk -l ... to be sure mmcblk2 is correct
OR ls -l /dev/mmcblk*
As above, manjaro's uboot is defective since it won't boot from SD, maybe that has changed?
Thank you to @KC9UDX and @wdt for the kind responses.

Am working on it!
Correction... /dev/mmcblk2 is the WHOLE emmc
fsck is run on a partition,, as so.... /dev/mmcblk2p2
sorry, typing too fast
BTW, to change uboot, if you know how to use dd, you don't have to open case
Save mbr (1 or 34 sectors depending) save 1st 16MB (on usb stick)
blank 1st 16MB, restore mbr,,, so the only uboot will be on SD card
IT WILL NOT BOOT IF NO SD card is inserted (and likely only boot from SD)
Later, when you choose a different uboot, copy from SD card to emmc, restore emmc mbr
(or restore original if you wish)
But if you don't know how to use dd , don't do this

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