Was someone able to use the Pinephone keyboard & an usb mouse at the same?
- This is something which would be very interesting to know since i failed with both Bluetooth mice and keyboard to have a stable connection to the Pinephone.

- So the only way to go for me personally is a usb mouse

- But was someone able to get a usb mouse to get to work simultaneously with the Pinephone keyboard?

- What is shown in the following discussion shows only:


- 1. A Pinephone with a Pinephone dock and a keyboard which as a trackpad which works.

- 2. A Pinephone with a Pinephone keyboard and a docking bar which shows that both external keyboard and mouse work, but not the the Pinephone keyboard.

- What would be interesting to know if someone confirms that the Pinephone works with an external usb mouse simultaneously.

- Can someone confirm this?
- I suppose the trick is to make sure not to use both ports at once on the Pinephone when the Pinephone keyboard is attached.


- Or in other words to use only one usb port for the mouse and attach nothing else to the other port which is free.

- Which would mean that the PP cannot be charged when the usb mouse is attached.

- My Pinephone is currently on the screed again so I cannot find out.

- But it is an important knowledge to share if someone can confirm this.

- If all of this is true then the only confirmed configuration with  PP keyboard and a mouse which works is to attach only a usb-b mouse and nothing else when the PP keyboard is attached.

- I had issues both with Bluetooth mouse and keyboard with the Pinephone which both did not work reliably.
This is on Kali NetHunter.

The configuration for my first try was the stock charging cable to the keyboard case and then the PBP dock to the PP. The dock powered up everything, but the USB mouse did not function. Without the dock, the mouse only powered up for about 2 seconds with the power cable attached to the keyboard case.

With the convergence kit dock (included with the PP) the mouse did not power up while in the keyboard case with the power cable attached to the case.

I also tried reversing the connectors, with no changes.

This was done with a cheap AliExpress mouse that I use with my PT2; hope that helps.
Satisfied PinePhone, Pinebook Pro & PineTab2 owner; Thank you Pine64Team for your work!  Smile
- What works is shown in the following videos:


- you can for instance use a usb mouse with the keyboard, but only if you use only one usb-c plugs, and not two.

- And what does not work for my personally is that Pinephone does not offer a PP keyboard anymore. 

- Now that I found out that the Pinephone is good in principle, but not without a keyboard. Angry .
My tests were not scientific in nature, I only used the default installation with no troubleshooting/kernel/system modifications; I thought it was to help you with a problem, so I did it quickly.

These devices are not “Windows plug and play”, some effort needs to be done on the part of the user to configure everything properly and they are labeled as for: “early adopters. More specifically, only intend for these units to find their way into the hands of users with extensive Linux experience.”

As an example: Out of the box with the default software installation, my PT2 did not have working WIFI or Bluetooth, but after some effort on my part, I have both functional and use them every weekday.

As I work full time, I do not have the luxury of time or desire to demonstrate and make a video of what can be done with proper effort on the user’s part.
Satisfied PinePhone, Pinebook Pro & PineTab2 owner; Thank you Pine64Team for your work!  Smile

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