Pinetime - Kids with special needs
A friend of mine has a 4-year-old kid who is deaf and now that he's riding a bike they have to chase after him to get his attention. I have discovered that this is common in this particular special-needs community and I purchased 2x pinetimes to see if I could create an app that at the press of a button would make the other watch vibrate. Watches arrived today

I'm pretty comfortable with Linux, Python and development in general but haven't used MicroPython that much.
I would greatly appreciate any tips on this project and plan to share it on Github for other parents in the same situation


  • WaspOS is installed on both watches. I'm more comfortable with Python for app dev but can revert to Infinitime if there is reason

TODO Tips are welcome for these (especially if something is/is not possible)
  • Find some way to pair the two watches over Bluetooth LE. In waspOS I couldn't find a Bluetooth setting to connect the watch to another device but I have found that I can discover the watch with my phone. Ideally, I would have a settings menu in case one watch is damaged and I don't have to embed the connection details in the code but happy to hard code the connection for now
  • Find some way to trigger the vibration on a software button press or better still, have a background app that sends the Bluetooth message trigger on a double hardware button press would be perfect
  • Ensure that the devices connect automatically and I'm not sure what to do about battery management. Is there deep sleep on these?
  • A warning when the device goes out of range would be nice for parents

I'll start chipping away at these but any help would be great. Cheers

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