xz version
I'm sure everybody has heard about the backdoor built into xz version.
All my computers are xz version 5.4.5
I just checked my Pine Phone Pro for xz version and it is 5.6.1
5.6.0. and up are infected.
heads up folks because that is the infected version.
I found this on Arch Linux Phosh.
Check your phones immediately because as I understand this your phone can be remotely accessed.
To check your version in a terminal type xz --version

I just installed Postmarketos 23.12 Plasma and the xz version is 5.4.5 which is fine.
Arch Linux is not vulnerable to the xz backdoor. It affects sshd only, and sshd in Arch Linux is not (transitively) linked to xz. Also, the backdoor was only compiled to begin with during builds of RPM or dpkg packages. And Arch Linux has also issued an update replacing the infected 5.6.1 release tarball with the 5.6.1 git tag which does not include the backdoor. (Well, it includes the payload, but not the build system snippet to compile it.) So Arch Linux is perfectly safe.

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