Lithion 3.7 volt PineA64 battery Model 9070120P
(10-27-2016, 03:07 PM)mcrognale Wrote: Just got the lithium battery in the mail today. I understand how to install it and the jumper config. My question is; does the power supply recharge the battery when it's running the board? Also since this is a brand new battery should I do the usual charge for XX hours prior to running from the battery?

Yes, as soon as you connect the microUSB, as long as it is a three wire battery (i.e. like the official battery) or you have the 10k to GND bypass on the middle pin, the pine64s power management chip will start charging the battery as needed.

As far as charging before use... it isn't absolutely needed, but it won't hurt either. If you don't intend to disconnect the battery or run from the battery for 8-10 hours, you should be fine to just plug it in and let it charge while using the pine64, as the PMIC can continue to primarily run from the microUSB since that power is present. The charge-fully-before-use advice is more for devices that are solely battery powered, so you want to make sure the battery has had a full charge cycle before it is put into service.

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