Phone powers off with high user demands
So I have been daily using my standard Pinephone for about a year and three months and I have begun to have an issue.

I am running PostmarketOS and the issue began while running Postmarket (but I do not believe it is an OS issue).

I started noticing that when the battery percentage was below 50% the phone would abruptly shut off when browsing the web. If the battery is higher percentage the phone would work if just browsing the web, but might shut off if streaming a youtube video. It was so bad one day the battery showed 40% or so and as soon as I would open firefox and select restore session it would abruptly shut off. It did this over and over again until the battery was so dead it would not turn on.

  • So after that day I updated from the version of Postmarket I installed in Dec23/Jan24 to the latest version, but no change.
  • I searched for a new battery and found the OEM Pinephone batteries are out of stock, so I bought a new old stock Samsung BJ700BBU. No change (maybe a slight improvement in battery life, but the issue persists)

  • So I tried booting Mobain from an SDcard and it still does the same thing.

  • Also if the battery is in the lower charge state and if I use the camera with the flash with either OS it will abruptly shutoff.
If the phone is plugged in to USB power, regardless of the charge state, I cannot make it abruptly shutoff.

So I am left thinking either both batteries are bad or I have a motherboard issue. I plan to power the phone using a bench top power supply through the battery pins to see what the current draw is and if it will shut off with more current available from the battery power path.

Anyone see this behavior on their phone? Any other ideas? I am gonna be pretty disappointed if this ends up being a motherboard issue.

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Phone powers off with high user demands - by car46999 - 04-05-2024, 03:32 PM

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