Phoch Trixie weekly install seems nice
I just hopped over to Mobian
(see )
and am quite satisfied with the latest weekly install.
Sound works again, here.
I did that because:
Manjaro Phosh seems to be circling the drain so I had to abandon that, they have gone dormant.
I tried Arch but it has some deficiencies that affect my usage.

Anyhow, I am able to compile and run my favorite python stuff (in venv, of course)
 and, as buggy as python is that is impressive.

I assume I may eventually be back to complain something I have not yet encountered is broken,
 but so far everything is humming along smoothly (without modem, which I do not use)

It looks nice and seems much more robust and fleshed out than the last visit I made 
(my ver 1.2 PP was originally debian).


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