Chatty Matrix Decryption Key
I just connected Chatty to my Matrix account.
I verified this on another device I use Matrix on.

But I can't find an option to decrypt older messages.
What do I have to do to achieve this?
Do not answer this post thanks.
@jojuma looks like this is an ongoing issue with the purple-matrix plugin used by chatty to link to matrix. you can find and follow the open issue at the developer's github:

alternatively, you can try enabling the experimental chatty/matrix integration:

however, this forum is not the most appropriate place to troubleshoot generic apps. you will get better support if you seek it from the devs of the app you're having issues with. this forum is best used for discussing the "mobian ON the pinephone." Given this, I'm going to lock the thread, since this is not the appropriate place for this support issue.

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