Digital drawing tablet Huion - proper drivers install
(09-01-2016, 01:29 AM)janeku Wrote: Hello Again on this topic,

Yesterday I managed to contact Huion and they send me two files: first one was Kernel inux version 150MB size and other was Android driver ? that supposed to work on Unix like systems.

I do not know how to install these drivers (android) because there is mixed strange font for guidance and command sets on english so I have to ask you how to manage this situation ?

This zip file for Android has manual, data written in C and Vendor product ID file.

Would somebody take a look at these files and tell me proper procedure how to install (and is it possible to install) these drivers on Pine kernel (Debian).

I suppose i can attach these files without problem here, else I have to put them on some server and put link to them.


Your huion drawing tablet doesn't compatible with android OS , so it should be a linux driver , I know that only xp-pen deco pro graphic tablet compatible with android 6.0 OS , also it need a usb-OTG Cable .

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