power circuit can't charge battery and can't supply enough power for modem or wifi
Sorry for the late reply.

(02-04-2024, 11:05 PM)Kevin Kofler Wrote: The power circuit is not expected to be able to supply power to the modem or WiFi. Those are connected directly to the battery, not to the central power circuit.

Yes and no. Yes in the sense that in the PinePhone, by its design, no power can reach the modem or wifi if there is no battery. But, no, in the sense that as long as there is a battery, it is possible to have the modem and wifi chips on while charging the battery (otherwise, the only way to charge would be to turn off both chips). It is this last bit that doesn't work. So poorly in fact just having the modem and wifi present, but the wifi not even connected to an access point drains the battery even when a charger is hooked up.

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