Screen turning off and booting problems with the Pinephone Pro
Hey there Pinephone Community!

I received my Pinephone Pro roughly a week ago. I installed Tow-boot, then Mobian, then PostmarketOS then the 2024. 01. 07. Mobian weekly on the eMMC. I am aware that this is a highly experimental device, but this amount of malfunctions make me worried.

In all three of the installations, the phone is able to boot without a Micro SD-card, so I'm sure the installation itself is fine. What I'm about to describe is my experience running the aforementioned Mobian weekly release. The phone worked fine for about three days before these came up two days ago:

  1. The phone sometimes is not able to be turned on. Pressing and holding the power button only turns on the device 20% of the time (even though the battery is charged and since it's using Tow-boot, the bootloop problem from a few years ago doesn't apply here as far as I know). After holding the power button for 4-5 seconds and the red LED doesn't turn on, I pick out the battery, put it back in, pop the case in and try again. After two, three, sometimes four of these tries, the red light showed up, the LED would shortly turn white and Mobian's disk encryption password screen prompts me to enter the encryption password.
  2. After entering the lockscreen digit code, the screen is black for a few seconds, then Phosh's menu drawer greets me and the phone is usable for one or two minutes. After that, the screen turns back, the phone itself doesn't get colder, the backlight is noticeably still on, so I guess the screen lost its connection for some reason. This makes me hold the power button for a few seconds, then to be sure that it's powered down, I pick out the battery, put it back in again, and GOTO 1.
  3. If at any point while the device is turned on, I manage to lightly tap/hit the phone on the back near the modem (even by putting it on a table or sometimes even just resting my hands on the back), the black screen problem occurs. This happens even if the modem is turned off via the appropriate hardware switch.
  4. There were some rare cases in point 2. where the screen would freeze. It would still be turned on, but doesn't refresh and doesn't register any inputs
The 1. point occurred even on Postmarket OS; I figured flashing back Mobian would fix it, since I wanted to eliminate the possibility of this being a software problem. As I said, it worked fine for a couple days, then it worsened even more.

Right now, it's laying on its back with a charger attached. It was seemingly off, but the upper half of the phone's back was hot (like when it's used normally). I don't know if this is the intended behavior with Tow-boot when it's off while charging.

Sorry, if this post was a little long; I wanted to include every detail of this problem. I didn't try to disassemble the device, since I'm afraid I'll void my warranty. Did anyone experience something remotely like this while using the Pinephone Pro? All I could find are two year old posts that blame the U-boot charging bootloop problem.

Should I contact support? Thank you for your help.
(This is a mirrored post from the following Reddit link (I'll probably delete my account there after this post):

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