PinePhone Pro Explorer's edition Qualcomm modem recovery
Hi guys,

i really need help on my PPPro. I was recently trying to update my modem's firmware using gnome-firmware app using this instruction in the video "4 of 5":
Update failed to install, and now i ended up with non-bootable modem. I searched the PineWiki and found this emergency procedure designed to boot modem in to EDL mode by shorting the test points on the PinePhone, but when i removed the back cover i only found there is no simmilar pins, or at least i don't know which ones to use on my the explorerss edition phone. Also i used this Hardware test build from here: 
and test fails for sim card. Also in Arch build it is not listed as /dev/ttyUSB2 or any ttyUSB. Seems it is bricked, and i need to enter EDL mode somehow. Is there any hope to revive the modem?
[Image: PPP-mainboard-nanosim-1.jpg]

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PinePhone Pro Explorer's edition Qualcomm modem recovery - by shifras - 01-12-2024, 01:49 PM

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