Pinephone Pro Screen Protector
jezek Wrote:Thanx for the instructions. Just curious before I try, why vegetable oil and how exactly should I use it to help me drawing the air out?

I honestly don't know the science behind it, aside from the oil working to displace the air (maybe someone else knows, i didn't find anything explaining it satisfactorily during a cursory search) but to use it, you just get some cooking oil (veg, olive, etc) on the end of a cotton swab and use it like a marker to go along the edges where the bubbles are. then oil should then displace the air and then can be wiped away.
can someone from pine org to confirm. has pine store added screen protectors to sold pinephones?

picture is what it is. but i think this integrated protector is different than external screen protector. and removing integrated one may lead to ... buying new screen.

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