Castle Game Engine on PineTab2 now officially available
I'm the main developer of Castle Game Engine, an open-source 3D and 2D game engine, featuring visual editor, writing code in modern Object Pascal, cross-platform (desktop, mobile, consoles). I'm a happy owner of a PineTab2 since ~week, and I was happy to set up my full work environment on PineTab2! So everyone can use and/or develop the engine, and games using it, on PineTab2.

And thus our downloads prominently feature an option to download ready engine for PineTab2. (It's the same download as we have for Raspberry Pi 64-bit, as they are both "just Linux or Aarch64" for us).

I wrote an official announcement about it here: . We have a significant community of people interested in "open-source gadgets", so running the engine on devices like PINE64 or Raspberry Pi definitely sparks an interest among our users.

If you have any questions, about the engine or how it works with PineTab2 or Linux/Aarch64, I'm happy to talk, on this forum or on CGE forum or Discord. This is the project of my life, practically, I love to talk about it Smile If you want to read, our website lists features and has links to tutorial and the manual.

( Please excuse me if this is not an appropriate post for this forum, or should be moved to other section. Castle Game Engine is a free and open-source project. But I'm not independent, I am the main CGE developer. )

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Castle Game Engine on PineTab2 now officially available - by michalis - 12-13-2023, 03:02 PM

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