[Article] RISC-V Ox64 BL808: UART Interrupt and Platform-Level Interrupt Controller
Our article today is all about RISC-V Interrupts on the tiny adorable Pine64 Ox64 BL808 64-bit Single-Board Computer (based on Bouffalo Lab BL808 SoC)…

(1) What’s inside the Platform-Level Interrupt Controller (PLIC)
(2) Setting up the PLIC at startup
(3) Enabling the PLIC Interrupt for Serial Console
(4) Handling PLIC Interrupts for UART Input

We’ll walk through the steps with a simple barebones operating system: Apache NuttX RTOS (Real-Time Operating System). Though we’ll hit a bumpy journey with our work-in-progress NuttX on Ox64…

(5) Leaky Writes seem to affect adjacent PLIC Registers
(6) Interrupt Claim doesn’t seem to work right

Check out the article:
RISC-V Ox64 BL808 SBC: UART Interrupt and Platform-Level Interrupt Controller (PLIC)

You should probably just build your own SBC at this point Smile Anyway nice to see you are still hacking away on these boards, and producing interesting articles, thank you!
I hope to return to some PP dev work over xmas break, but kinda feels like the community died since the tablet blog post in April.
Anyway keep up the good work! Peter

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