key repeat with pinephone keyboard
My keyboard is repeating key presses. It occurs randomly with any key on the keyboard (this is not the top-row keys problem) and in any software. Typically it repeats a couple of dozen times, and I can get it to stop by hitting any key a few times.

What I tried:
- I did a clean install of manjaro phosh (internal, not the SD card).
- I tried both the kernel driver and the user space driver (pinephone-keyboard.disable_input in /boot/boot.txt; systemctl enable ppkb-i2c-inputd.service).
- Re-flashed the keyboard firmware.

None of these have had any effect.

I've never had trouble with the pin connections on my unit.

And it worked very well for about a year. I keep hoping a software update will fix it, but I am starting to doubt it's software, especially since I don't see anyone else having this particular problem.

Any thoughts on other things I could try?

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