why are there different images based on sd card size?
(07-28-2016, 06:42 AM)checktravis Wrote: I'm new to this, but have been exploring and experimenting with my new pine64 and also a rpi3 (just ordered a ODROID-C2 to play with as well)

I haven't seen this practice elsewhere. for other distros I have tried there is a single img file and, once you have it flashed, you expand the file system to free up the rest of the card.

Just curious what the advantage is here.


Expanding the file system utilised by the Android image is apparently trickier than your standard Linux image. The PhoenixCard version of the image expands readily enough, but not everyone gets on well with the PhoenixCard software, so there are also offered DD images, which can be burned using the dd command, or with software such as Win32DiskImager, ApplePi Baker or Etcher, depending on the computer you are using to burn the image.

See also this thread: Empty space.

Ideally I suppose the DD Android images would come with a built-in script that automatically expands the filesystem to fill the microSD card. Then only a single minimally-sized image would be needed.

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