Abiword as a office mobile word processor for the Pinephone?
(10-23-2023, 10:15 AM)Peter Gamma Wrote: Thanks for sharing this walter.

Do you also use a Pinephone keyboard? And did you know that using all the keys on it requires Postmarket OS SXMO installed on it? And does Abiword on the Pinephone make any sense without the Pinephone keyboard and Postmarket OS SXMO?

There is no Keyboard for Pinephone Original, only for Pinephone Pro.
Hi Walter,

Here in the Pine64 shop it says:



- Compatible with PinePhone and PinePhone Pro

- it furthermore says:

«Not all mobile OSes support the keyboard case. At launch the keyboard is supported by: postmarketOS, Manjaro Linux, DanctNIX (Arch Linux) and Mobian»

- I have a Pinephone which was shipped with Ubports and it did not worked for me

- Then I flashed postmarketOS on it and it worked, but not the special keys and the function keys.

- As mentioned above the only solution to get those working is as far as I know postmarket OS SXMO

- To have all the keys working is highly desirable for applications like Abiword, Gnumeric and LibreOffice

- Abiword only has 7 sortcut keys, but I do not know if the arrow keys work without Postmarket OS SXMO and additional special keys which are required.

- Gnumeric supports functions keys and also here it is desirable to have all the keys.

- eventually it is worth to have a multi boot setup with a special distro with Abiword, Gnumeric and Libre Office and Postmarket OS SXMO to have all they keys of the Pinephone keyboard.



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