Convergence package USB-C Docking Bar for Wired Ethernet (part II)
part I can be found here but is closed for comments:

So I comment it here.

I was watching the YouTube video of Martijn Braam about the PinePhone with an USB-C dock. I was wondering If cable wired ethernet works at all with it, since he does not show it.

I am happy to know from you that it works fine with manjaro.

In case of doubt, use manjaro for a wired ethernet connection. And if you need another distro, choose a multi-boot Pinephone. This seems to be the reality of the Pinehone.

I bought a Pinephone with Ubuntu Touch on it. But the keyboard did not work with. Then I had to flash postmarkedOS on it to get the keyboard working.

LibreOffice, Abiword and Gnumeric are in the postmarketOS store now, but are they in the stores of the other Pinephone distros? If no, choose a multi-boot Pinehone.

It is also possible to flash an OS on the external SD card of the Pinephone and change SD cards to change the distro.

This is the simplest way for multi-boot for Pinephone beginners as far as I know.
Below the this video by Pinephone developer Martijn Braam he writes "Ethernet on the dock is not shown here but is also functional".

As far as I know Martijn Braam uses mainly PostmarketOS on his Pinephone demos.
i made a quicky tests. in pinephone pro and regular with mobian bookworm, ethernet works in 100Mbit/s dongle works. yes, it is that slow dongle from pp regular.

keep in mind that different dongles may use different drivers, so some dongles may not work in same way.
Thanky for the information,

do you have also the usb-c docking station? Does wired ethernet work for you with your setup?
(10-08-2023, 06:40 PM)Peter Gamma Wrote: Thanky for the information,

do you have also the usb-c docking station? Does wired ethernet work for you with your setup?

actually it is the docking station which came with pp regular, i only tested ethernet, i probably test other features later.

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