[Article] Star64: Strange Workaround for TFTP Timeout in U-Boot Bootloader
For folks booting Star64 with U-Boot TFTP:

U-Boot might show frequent TFTP Timeouts. This article talks about our fix for the TFTP Timeouts:

(1) First we throttled our TFTP Server to send packets slower. (Which made it worse)

(2) Next we reduced the TFTP Timeout Duration in our server. (Nope doesn’t work)

(3) But when we send every TFTP Data Packet twice, the problem mysteriously disappears!

(4) Apache NuttX RTOS now boots over the network in 20 seconds. (Previously 4 minutes)

(5) We verified this with 2 TFTP Servers: Linux and macOS

Details here: Strange Workaround for TFTP Timeout in U-Boot Bootloader (Star64 JH7110 RISC-V SBC)


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