star64-image-minimal-star64-2.1 & X fonts

I tried using the new 2.1 minimal image on the Star64, and I see that a lot of progress has been made, which is great.

However when I installed xserver-xorg and xorg-minimal-fonts and a bunch of other stuff to run the X server, I found that every single basic X program was unable to locate its fonts.

Xterm, rxvt, twm, everything failed to load any fonts. The only program that was able to find any fonts was Firefox (which was unusable for a different reason--slowness).

Is there a quick fix for this font issue? I'd like to go ahead and start using the X server.

I've now also tried the Weston and Plasma variants.

1. Weston worked the best, insofar as X works and I could launch the terminal.
Weston has a bug where, if I log in as pine64, it logs me out and logs me in automatically as the user weston.
Also, there is very little by way of menus e.g. there is no mechanism to log the user out.

2. Plasma was (as expected) very slow and I think unsuitable for this type of computer. Plasma is better on gaming rigs. Plasma failed to launch the Terminal, so it was useless.

I tried Minimal again and now, there are no packages related to X Windows available.

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