Registering my 'nick' on Pine64's IRC network
Can someone tell me how to register my nick on Pine64's IRC network?
Normally "/msg NickServ <passwd> <email>" would work, but now I'm getting "NickServer: No such nick/channel"

And trying to post on any channel now apparently requires a registered nick otherwise you'll get a msg like the following:
"#Pine64: You must have a registered nick (+r) to talk on this channel (#pine64)"

I don't register my nick that often, so I may be doing sth wrong.
Or 'you' made having a registered nick a requirement without a working option to actually register?
I can understand taking measures to combat spam, but now I'm (also) blocked from using IRC Dodgy
Seems to work now
I often had problems with this too

registering is needed?
Had a similar problem. In a while it got fixed by itself.
What is your problem? Can you show it here?

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