A post about a Pine-64 Wi-Fi ethernet router project board and enclosure?
I really like the idea of what is possible with the Pine-64 project boards and the possibility of making new projects boards and parts. One item I would defiantly like to see would a project barebones Pine-64 Ethernet / Wi-fi router project board. This would require pine-64 base components, ethernet input and 4 ethernet output ports. Possibly two wi-fi modules or even three counting on needs to allow a user to individually channel wi-fi output. Now the biggest part behind such a project would be the software behind the router and is important for flexibility and advanced security settings to do things current market wi-fi routers can not do.

The big part behind this would be that it is a project board possibly using advanced router Linux software for router management and firewall security. As for if this would sell ok I would defiantly order one and have been wanting to build a wi-fi router with Linux software for a very long time. The end result would be a commercially available router that can out perform existing routers on the market and run advanced software on a commercially available platform.
You can build one now, yourself, using a RockPro64 and OpenWRT. A dev did that a few years ago and it got a blurb in the blog https://www.pine64.org/2020/04/15/april-...ly%20focus

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