System won't suspend due to suspention notification
(09-24-2023, 03:52 AM)whackx Wrote:
(09-20-2023, 12:55 PM)user641 Wrote:
(09-19-2023, 05:26 AM)alaraajavamma Wrote:
(09-18-2023, 06:19 PM)user641 Wrote: so, this command turns off all notifications?

No it only disables ability to wake the screen (which will prevent suspend)
So you will still get sound and vibration. And calls and sms will still wake the screen.

I did that command, how to undo it if I want?
Also those are good features, but they eat the battery.

you can get the current list of settings via

gsettings get sm.puri.phosh.notifications wakeup-screen-triggers

So, in my case there was only one setting which was ['urgency'] . To set this option again you can execute the following command
gsettings set sm.puri.phosh.notifications wakeup-screen-triggers "['urgency']"
Thanks so much for the rich info.

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