Is it possible to use Pine-64 board as a Mini PC such as BeeLink?
(08-30-2023, 02:19 PM)Omnios Wrote: Is it possible to use one of the Pine64 boards for use as a Arm Linux OS for use as a mini computer to use Ubuntu or Arch as a Linux desktop computer?
Yes, it is. Theoretically, it should be doable with any of the boards. (Heck, even the PinePhone could be used that way to some extent, though that is really not what it is for.) In practice, you will want to check the hardware specs. E.g., the Ox64 is completely minimalist without even a GPU or a video output, so not really suitable as a desktop replacement (even if you could theoretically get some slow video output from it with a USB 2 video card, though that alone will cost you more than the price difference to a less minimalist board), and it is also RISC-V rather than ARM. The STAR64 is more suitable, but also RISC-V and not ARM. The A64-LTS, ROCK64, ROCKPro64, and Quartz64 boards have an ARM CPU and a GPU, so they should be suitable. (The non-LTS A64 boards and the H64 boards appear to no longer be available, at least they are not in stock.)

Quote:And will Pine64 ever make a Linux Desktop mini pc version of hardware?
That, I cannot answer. I have no idea what products Pine64 is planning.

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