hardware installation video tutorial
Hi mates,

I need an help to understand how to connect the camera and LCD cable to the board connectors, is there any video tutorial?
How should i have to release the connector and then put in the flat cable?
Thank you in advance
Regards Smile Smile
hi, the connector on the PineA64 is very fragile and requies a significant finesse, as I think I've told you before, top3b.


The trick is to lift up (gently using your finger-nail, no tools) on the black bar VERY carefully. Then tuck the end of the cable into the connector squarely with the contact pads down...

... then close the black bar, again being careful not to damage the bar, nor the cable, nor the pins !

All the connectors work the same way...

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Which is pin 1 on the board for the camera connection.  I see a "o" but it looks like a via.   Or maybe the android image shipped in the box (I got a 64 gb sd card from you guys) doesn't yet work with the camera?  The cable is well marked.

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