Booting from SD card on Pinetab2
(07-27-2023, 08:33 PM)samochimaaron Wrote: I recently received a Pinetab2...
Every time I tried booting, it booted Danctnix. When I plugged the UART adaptor into the bottom USB C port and turned the switch to the "on" position, nothing at all booted. The same thing happened when I tried booting Mobian.
Does anyone have any suggestions?

IIRC, the Danctnix image provided from the factory has an u-boot version which doesn't boot from SDcard when it's present.
If you login to the danctnix image and update (pacman -Syu), you should get one which does.
I think that you first need to set the switch to the "on" position the first time, but after that it'll default to booting from SDcard when a suitable system is present on it.

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