Hey everyone, I bought the 1st pinephone that came out which I still have. I stopped using it for a while but thinking of starting back. I thinking of buying the pinephone pro. Any thoughts on that? Does anyone know if they are going to build another one? 
One thing I'm worried about is most company is changing to 5g service. Will pinephone start making their phone 5g as well? If not then soon enough we will not be able to use them. 

Thank you
Operators rolling out 5G does not necessarily mean they plan to phase out 4G/LTE any time soon. LTE is still in wide use. Here in Austria, only the operators with their own network support 5G at all (which means basically the 3 big ones, though one of the previously virtual-only operators is in the process of building up its own, 5G-capable network), the MVNOs are all 4G-only.
i don't like 5g, 4g or whatever g terms, because they are used for over marketing. i use nr, lte and so on.

most nr implementations around the world are non-standalone implementations. which means nr relies on lte for signaling and core communication, therefore operators cannot switch lte off at all. non-standalone also provide dual usage of lte and nr in carrier aggregation. which means that nr uses both lte and nr frequency bands.

when standalone hits wider usage, then nr network can stand on its own without connecting to lte. it probably takes years.

generally speaking, volte does not work in nr, and it needs lte for signaling anyway. vonr is a different story.

i have been thinking about next pinephone model. i think nr chip is too expensive for it. however i don't know when they design new model, maybe nr chip is possible after two years. pp pro already costs 400 dollars, if next model costs 600 dollars, i have a bad feeling it's going to fail because of price.

i have pp pro, it's faster, but battery life is not better than in pp regular. software in pp pro is little more unstable.

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