locked out on PIN screen
Pine64 Pro phone: Is there a recovery mechanism or do I need to desolder and reset something?

The software PIN (the *nix user password) or the SIM card PIN? And why are you locked out, did you forget the PIN, or enter a wrong one too often?

For the software PIN, the lock out if you enter it incorrectly too often normally only lasts 5 minutes or so, depending on your distro's PAM configuration. So you can just wait it out. And if you do not want to have it happen again, configure your pam_faillock: https://man.archlinux.org/man/core/pam/f....conf.5.en. And the software PIN can always be recovered by reinstalling the operating system. If you got your PinePhone Pro recently (since July 2022), it came with Tow-Boot already installed, so just hold the volume up button on startup to put it into USB mass storage mode, then you can backup the data (if you did not encrypt it with a passphrase that you do not remember) and reinstall an operating system image from a computer.

The SIM card PIN is a different story, if you entered the wrong one too often, you have to unlock the SIM card with the PUK.

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