Article: Inside a Smartphone Accelerometer: PinePhone with NuttX RTOS
Haha no worries @WhiteHexagon , I'm now working on something really interesting: Simulate PinePhone UI with Zig, LVGL and WebAssembly :-)
Nice! @lupyuen  btw when you are missing functions in Zig/WASM it is often easier to make a call into the javascript world, unless you are on a performance critical path.  For my wasm stuff I also keep the render loop on the JS side using requestAnimationFrame but with a custom callback into Zig (once per frame) passing over a frame number, timestamp and canvas2d context.


            let fn=0;      //frame number
            function frame(ts) {
Thanks @WhiteHexagon for the tips, we now have LVGL rendering OK in the Web Browser, compiled with Zig yay! :-)

LVGL renders OK in WebAssembly with Zig Compiler

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