External Touchscreen via DP-Alt Mode
I am trying to connect my thinkvision m14t touchscreen to the rockpro64. For the life of me, I can't get it to work.
Here is what i did:

I connected the screen to an external usb-c power source. Then connected to the rock. The wacom input source is recognized (until the screen goes into standby), but no Display is detected.

I tried

- Armbian
- Debian
- Manjaro generic
- Manjaro rockpro64 (gitlab)
- Manjaro with the old 5.7 Kernel for the pinebook pro (link) (this Kernel specifically has a patch to make DP-Alt mode work, and boots just fine on the rockpro64)
- Manjaro pinebook-pro image does not seem to boot.

I also flipped the usb-c wire multiple times.

What actually worked:
A mysterious wire from club3d (bi-directional usb-c to hdmi) actually gave the me video output from the rocks hdmi port. However, the screen needs an additional power source from its other usb-c port. The rock can't provide enough power from usb. So there was no way to make the wacom input available.

What i am thinking to do:
- Can i inject external power into an usb-c wire to power the rock and connect it to the rock at the same time? I already tried to do this with an usb-c dongle connected to the rock, which has external power. (Power is passed on, but no wacom input recognized by rock)
- Could i use a PCI- thunderbolt like the Gigabyte GC-TITAN Ridge to power and connect everything with a single usb-c wire? (I have a feeling the gpu won't send the video to the card, if the card were even to be supportet)

I also bought a Pinebook Pro. I thought i read about someone having connected the thinkvision m14t to it. But i could not get it to work either (tried many distros)

Thanks for any Info on this.

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