Manjaro Plasma blinking cursor
I have tow-boot on my SPI... I previously had Manjaro Plasma on the eMMC (I flashed it on there last year).

I put PostmarketOS on there (thinking it would fix the close lid, won't wake up issue) but has the same problem.

I try to put Manjaro 23/22 back on the eMMC (and SD card) and it is just stuck at the blinking cursor.

Wondering if anyone has dealt with this recently vs. from 2020.

tried 22.06 thinking older may work, this one flashing cursor as well and alternating green/red led
An update on this, I think it was the sd card I was using (128GB gold sandisk) vs. (32GB grey sandisk)

Mostly though I just had to wait for the logo to come up.

It's working now though.

I had pmos on emmc and I booted manjaro kde plasma 23.02 on grey sd card, downloaded and dd'd onto emmc.

rebooted, waited few seconds blinking cursor then manjaro logo showed up
I had to laugh as I had a bad 128GB Sandisk sd card this past week leave me at that screen over and over again till I figured out it was the card too. Glad you got it fixed.
Is that the reason it didn't work? 128GB is too big?
(05-06-2023, 07:01 PM)jcun4128 Wrote: Is that the reason it didn't work? 128GB is too big?

No I don't think so.  My card actually died.  It was just a bit of odd luck that amused me.

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