star64 bootable images, u-boot, sbi, forum?
(04-20-2023, 11:55 PM)hexdump Wrote: now that the star64 can be ordered from time to time: are there any bootable linux images around somewhere? are there any u-boot and sbi trees around somewhere? to me it looks like the software support state currently is the same as for the pinetab v: you basically buy a brick as there is no software around for it at all - at least i was not able to find anything or any information anywhere. the only thing i was able to find was the icenowy star64 kernel tree with the last commit from january of this year. and while i'm at the star64: how about an own forum section for it now that it is out?
geometry dash lite
a lot of thanks in advance and best wishes - hexdump

They are now in the experimental stage. The system can be updated from this developer's repository by running apt update. The username and password are root and pine64, respectively. Looks like there's a gigantic ass pcie socket instead of a m.2 socket.

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