The power of the Star64 vs Pinebook Pro/RockPro64
From looking at the specification, it seems the StarFive JH7110 is weaker than the Rockchip RK3399 but has more L2 cache. In performance I imagine the star64 will be slightly stronger than a RK3399 based device with its a72 cores disabled, in the case of pine64 hardware, only better because of the 8gb of ram?

Comparing GPUs, weaker but support for newer standards?

Do you agree? Difficult to benchmark, perhaps need the 4gb star and 4gb rock to go head to head.
i have had mine for like 2 years and the only things that happened to it is that the original watchband snapped a week ago and the screen seems to have loosen it's glue on the edges for the touchscreen but i had spare bands because i got it as it was only available in a 3pack and a Dev version which i got both off and my watch that has been used for the 2 years still holds it's charge for a week and 2 or 3 days and it still seems to have a good water seal.

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