Need Help Recovering Manjaro /boot Contents on Pinebook Pro
I don't use Tow-Boot (yet) but my U-Boot always says something just like "WARNING: Bad CRC. Using default environment." when it reads the SPI ROM (because mine is uninitialized). I don't know which device yours is referencing, but it's just saying that there's no U-Boot or Tow-Boot there, so its going to continue booting.

As far as the rest, hopefully someone else can comment; I'm not that familiar with Manjaru (or Linux actually, I use NetBSD). It sounds like you're deep in Manjaru territory (blank screen with no cursor is very common).

73 KC9UDX Matt

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RE: Need Help Recovering Manjaro /boot Contents on Pinebook Pro - by KC9UDX - 03-21-2023, 02:13 AM

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