Somehow Ive been buried in life and missed the info on the pinetab2 until today.

So Ive searched everywhere I can and cant find out what SOC they are planning to use?

I have a pinebook , pinetab and pinebook pro (unsing that now)

Unfortunately my pinetab stopped working a few months back abd havent had a chance to troubleshoot it.

SO Iam very excited abouyt the pinetab 2! Like to be first in line if I could.  But asIm still in a job transition I have to make a smart decision not just an enthusiastuuc one.

Does anhyone know what the SOC or CPU will be?

That would really help me  determine my purchase decision, like to get a pinecil as well, but thats a different conversations eh?

Thanks for everything

seems to be rk3566.
thanks for the rapid reply, that looks like it could really be something worthwhile!

didnt think to look all the way back to ecember

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