Flight mode turns off wifi but not the modem (cellular)

finally I got aware of the modem firmware, that makes an exploit possible.
So I upgraded the firmware (which was doing the following:

1. cloned giit repository https://github.com/Biktorgj/quectel_eg25_recovery
2. sent test sms -> modem in working state
3. run "./qfirehose -f ./" (-> new firmware version:

After the upgrade the modem came up again working. Everything worked fine (Calls, SMS).
After a reboot, it still worked.

I put the phone into airplane mode overnight. Since then, the modem is in disabled state. It asks me for the SIM pin and unlocks the SIM card. But it does not show or connect to any network. It only tells me "modem in disabled state".

I switched the modem off by using the kill switch and restarted it with "systemctl restart eg25-manager".
I rebooted several times, tried airplane mode... but nothing helps.

Since it worked after the update for while, the firmware itself should be ok, shouldn't it?
I'm not sure if this is platfor specific, but I am running Manjaro with Plasma mobile (KDE Community Editiin).

So what am I supposed to do?

I found this, which could help me:

"To get adb access to the modem:
Get adb key via AT+QADBKEY?"

How is this done? How do I retrieve the adb key?

EDIT2: Got the key, but unfortunately, it doesn't work though

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