Pine phone USB keyboard connection
I think you misunderstood the instructions. A standard USB keyboard should work fine, as long as either you use the USB A ports on the convergence dock, or a USB C male to USB A female adapter, or a USB C keyboard. (I have done it with the convergence dock, that definitely works.) A standard USB keyboard has no battery or other power source, so it cannot charge your phone (but will on the contrary drain a small amount of power from it, as any other USB peripheral).

There are warnings on how to charge a PinePhone with the special PinePhone keyboard case attached. Those warnings do not apply to the use of external USB keyboards.

The reason there is a special keyboard case is not that a standard USB keyboard does not work, but that it is impractical to carry around all the time or to use in space-constrained places such as public transport. So they designed a keyboard that is very small and directly attached on the phone, like on those keyboard phones (that mostly succumbed to touch) or on PDAs.

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