Pinephone Pro Convergence Dock Ethernet performance with non-pro pinephone
(02-01-2023, 12:33 PM)Matt2020 Wrote: Hi,

New here.

I have a PinePhone (1.2, I think; definitely not Pro).  I also have the original convergence dock.  

It works great, but the ethernet (verified with iperf3) is only getting 3-4M/s, where other devices on my network are at 1000M/s.  I know this old dock is only rated for 100M/s, but I was hoping to get closer to 100 than to 0 when using it!

Anyway, I'm considering buying the new one:

However, I don't want to do that if the performance is still going to be so poor.  

Can anyone who has a non-Pro Pinephone and the new dock give me an idea of what their ethernet speed is?


i tested pinephone regular and 100Mbit/s usb-dock, and works quite near to 100Mbit/s.

could it be possible that you had other connections active at the same time, like mobile or wifi. pinephone's default routes may not go trivially. networkmanager may prioritize wifi over ethernet. basically, disable others.

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