Is Quartz64 compatible with official 7'' Raspberry Pi display?
Hello everyone,
I'm wondering what the title says; I've noticed the Quartz64 Model B has a visually identical DSI connector to the Raspberry Pi. I have a few extra 7'' official RPi touch displays: can I expect them to work?

it is (sort of) compatible; the pinout of the DSI connector is the same as the RPi, but software won't be a plug-and-play affair.

You will need knowledge of device trees to make the kernel try to use the panel, the kernel needs to be built with CONFIG_DRM_PANEL_RASPBERRYPI_TOUCHSCREEN (yours likely is), and you need to use the device tree compatible raspberrypi,7inch-touchscreen-panel.

Unfortunately for u-boot bug reasons most (if not all?) images for the Model B don't have device tree overlays enabled as of the time of writing, so you'd need to grab a copy of the kernel source, do "make dtbs", copy the dtb from arch/arm64/boot/dts/rockchip/ into your device tree folder in /boot and then point your extlinux.conf at it. I'll look into fixing the fdt overlay thing when I'm back from FOSDEM I guess.

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