pinephone keyboard + dock question
(01-24-2023, 11:48 AM)tuxcall Wrote: Hi!

i've recently gotten the pinephone keyboard

now i also have the dock that came with the pinephone.

The manual of the pinephone keyboard states to NOT charge through the pinephone usb port and only through  the keyboards usb charging port.

to use the dock you need to use the pinephone's usb and connect the charger to the dock. Which to me would be charging through the pinephone.
Which the manual warns against.

can you use the dock + the pinephone keyboard together or is this impossible?

I think you should charge through the keyboard's usb-c port and connect your dock in Pinephone's usb-c port to connect your peripheral devices.

In keyboard's manual it's written that:

Quote:You should charge the PinePhone and the keyboard only using the USB-C port on the keyboard. The keyboard’s USB-C port cannot be used for peripherals. The PinePhone’s USB-C port remains operational when mounted in the keyboard and can be used for data and peripherals.

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