Mycroft/Picroft on Rockppro64
I was playing with picroft on my old RPI3 + AIY Voicehat and it was just too slow for some functions, so considering the difficulty obtaining an RPI4 w/o selling limbs, I wanted to try getting it up and running on the RockPro.

One of the reasons I grabbed the RockPro was the "PI-2" gpio connector that is, more or less, compatible with the Rpi 40 pin.  I was hoping to reuse the Voicehat (which provides a nice mic array and amplified speaker output).

Installing the Mycroft software was easy enough but I soon discovered that the driver that was written for the "googlevoicehat-soundcard" was, for some inane reason, held in the sound/soc/bcm area of the kernel and it's dts claimed it needed the RPI BCM processor (it's a dac/adc/amp combo it shouldn't be tied to a specific processor.

The driver is in Raspi but I don't think it was ever in mainline kernel, or if it was, it was dropped before Linux 5.

So, not being a kernel hacker, I've walked away from that idea.

I have ordered an inexpensive USB Speakerphone and will see how that works and update here.

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