Change the forum's software to Discourse
(01-21-2023, 11:22 AM)user641 Wrote:
(01-21-2023, 06:54 AM)Cs137 Wrote: I ...
  • need to wait for 3-5s after each search before its result is presented
  • am unable to access my profile,
  • am unable to get a list with posts I posted.

This is not user-friendly at all. I hope items 2-3 settle after being registered for more than 2 days, but assume the first one will remain, which is a no-go in my opinion (and considering that we are in 2023).

I get your points regarding js and permanent links and agree to it, but one should also try to attract users and not shock them, my perception is the latter.

Waiting 3-5s is not a problem, we can always lower our time preference. What browser and OS are you using, if you can share those info please do.

I am using an arch system and librewolf as browser. A kind of float thing presents the following while I wait for the result:
Quote:Thank you, your search has been submitted and you will now be taken to the results list.

However, we are getting off topic considering the threads' title. The point I wanted to make: I do not care which software operates this forum, but I would appreciate if it would be more user friendly.

Laugh about it and see it as the opinion of someone on the internet who just entered your community, which is fine. But probably thinking about it would be even better since all of you were once in that situation and maybe there are more users who would like to interact but consider the options as not optimal. My aim is not to turn your place upside down, but allowing "new users" to enter your place.

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