Pine time London 11th Feb 2023
Hi all.

I want to invite to an unofficial Pine64 meeting in London.
Saturday 11th Feb in central London
(I will post a location shortly but wanted to get this out first, suggestions welcome)

GetTogether meeting
(If you could use this site to confirm attendance that would be great to get some feedback, but it's not mandatory of course)

This is not organised by the Pine64 team.
Everyone is welcome, either to show some of your gadgets or projects or just to see what others do.

I could bring the:
  • Pinebook (Pro)
  • Pine Phone
  • PineTime
  • Pine Power
  • PineBuds
  • Pinenut
  • Ox64

If anyone could bring other kit, that would be great.

Hope to see you soon.
Thanks on organize the meetup. Thumbs up!

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