Plebian Linux

this shall be the thread for my new pet project, which is somewhat vanilla Debian live images for the (SO)Quartz devices. To flash, use something like
xzcat imagename.img.xz | sudo dd of=/dev/sdX bs=4M oflag=dsync status=progress
where /dev/sdX is your target block device.

Currently Supported Boards:
  • Quartz64 Model A
  • Quartz64 Model B
  • SOQuartz in CM4 IO Board
  • SOQuartz in Model A Board
  • SOQuartz in Blade Board
Why use Plebian? Simply put, it doesn't try to be overly quirky. We use Debian's kernel package. If I get hit by a blimp tomorrow and die, you'll still get kernel updates through Debian's regular channels.

Most importantly, these aren't bespoke artisanally hand-crafted images, but the output of an automated pipeline. You, yes you, can fork the repository and make your own with your adjustments to the debos recipes.

Consider these images to be in a "Beta" phase for now, they're generally ready for you to use but at some point you might need to do manual intervention if we end up deciding we want a third party repository after all. If and when it comes to that, I'll let you know.

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Plebian GNU/Linux

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