PineBuds Pro - pairing from laptop cli - one earbud only
only pairing one ear is a fairly common issue on many sets of bluetooth true wireless earbuds. It's possible that the firmware is just not very mature yet. I know with some sets of these (other brands), you have to time how you pull each phone out so that both are pulleed out of the case within a fraction of a second, or one has to be pulled out before the other or it won't work on both. It's possible there's a quirk about bluetoothctl or a thing to make that work, but I haven't seen it yet. Definitely want to test these soon, I'm stoked about trying these soon. Just need to order some.
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RE: PineBuds Pro - pairing from laptop cli - one earbud only - by zer0sig - 02-17-2023, 11:41 PM

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