PineBuds Pro - pairing from laptop cli - one earbud only
I'm trying to pair my PineBuds Pro using `bluetoothctl` from the command line on my laptop running Arch Linux. I can only pair to one earbud.

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Remove earbuds from case. Both buds flash blue repeatedly.
  2. L flashes red/blue; R flashes blue only
  3. Enter bluetoothctl interactive mode with `bluetoothctl`
  4. Scan for devices with `scan on`
  5. Lists bluetooth devices
  6. `pair <MAC address>` labelled PineBuds Pro
  7. Left earbud announces "pairing complete"
  8. Play music. Sound comes through left earbud only.

The earbuds are fully charged, paired, trusted and connected, but I can only pair with one earbud!

Has anyone else encountered this problem?


PS The earbuds work fine with my Android phone. The laptop works fine with a different bluetooth speaker.

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PineBuds Pro - pairing from laptop cli - one earbud only - by c6Q$! - 01-01-2023, 06:03 AM

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