Mobian won't boot after ton of updates
(03-18-2023, 05:28 AM)bartgrefte Wrote:
(02-15-2023, 12:52 PM)diederik Wrote: apt should tell you from which kernel it is upgrading to 6.1.9. There is now (in Debian) 6.1.12, but with 6.1.9 the most obvious 'defects' should be fixed.
Waited some time for more updates, now on kernel 6.1.12 and still no boot, same output as #6

Yes 6.1 does not boot (it's a problem since 5.17 until latest 6.1 - as far as I could reproduce last weeks). This may help too:

I compiled 6.1 myself with panel ilitek9881c as module, that makes the kernel boot, but it's a work around only. Because there are still other quirks:

BTW: Pinetab users are rare, no hype, no devs...

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