Ox64 availability in January 2023 question.
The store listing says Ox64 boards are coming in January. Is there some more specific info? Is it the beginning of the month? The end? Will there be lots so anyone can get it, or just few dozen? Is there some sort of "waiting list" one can sign up to not to miss it? 

I would like to get my hands on a couple, but I missed the initial sale and ever since they aren't available. 

I also have a question about continued availability, is pine64 planning to manufacture a lot of them? I would like to avoid a situation where I do manage to get one or two, I spend ages on developing the software. Then I can't get any more (at all or for the original price) so all the software dev time is pretty much wasted.
I don’t have answers for your questions but i thought i’d let you know that Ox64s are now in stock in case you didn’t see.
Thank you, I didn't notice. It is great, but what happened to EU standard shipping method for $12? There is no way I'm buying a $6 board and pay $30 for shipping. I know for a fact there are good services from China to my country (Poland) that cost around $4 including tracking...

I have to say I'm quite disappointed by this cost increase.

Additionally when I switch my country to Germany there is the standard EU method available, but for Poland it is disabled. Both countries are in EU. This must be some mistake.

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